Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking for Exclusive and Legal Investors/Buyers for Existing Diamond Kimberlite Mine in South Africa

Country: South Africa 
Industry: Diamond Mining                                                                      
Minimum Investment: 2,000,000USD
Maximum Investment: 5,000,000USD

Our company TLGN after being awarded by the Chairman/CEO of mine holding its been working hand to hand with CEO in the search for suitable and legal Investors/buyers of rough diamonds.

The mine Holding wants to foresee a highly lucrative long term operation in shared profit program (minimum 1 year) and/or Contractual Operational Production and Delivery of rough diamonds (minimum 1 year), that will be mined exclusively for every buyer's needs.
Synopsis of Project-
A Growing diamond mining company committed to creating value for its shareholders, has substantial production and development assets in Congo, Liberia, South Africa, with fifteen (15) diamond Exploration Permits for over 6000Km2, over 35 claims, will have production ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 carats a month of very good quality diamonds.
Once the right investor is contacted, there will be conference calls with the Chairman/CEO to discuss preliminaries, if there is an agreement from both parties, NDA will be put in place plus buyer’s company letter presentation(CIS), (KYC) also Bank Reference (Not a Banking Instrument yet).

After documents (CIS & KYC) and Bank Letter are evaluated there will be conference calls and/or meetings (Buyer & Chairman/CEO"Seller") to discuss legal matters and others items such quantity of monthly deliver, prices, payment Instruments and place of TTM, subsequently SPA including buyer’s wish list will be issue for buyer’s review and signing in order to start process of exploitation, exportation and. (Antwerp, Geneva, Zurich, New York, Miami, etc.) Via Brinks or Malca-Amit ONLY.
The Mine Holding propose several Investing platforms.
• Shared profit program (minimum 1 year)
• Shared profit and Contractual Program (minimum 1 year)

• Contractual Operational Production and Delivery (minimum 1   
Investors are welcome to visit mine at anytime to assess facility and received a tour from our mine director.


The following points are what our Mine Holding requires to move forward:
NOTE: No brokers or intermediaries. We will discuss matters only and only with end buyer (signatory of company, account verified by the bank and contract must be the same).

We Operate and deliver (We don’t stock diamonds).
Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more information.

Kind regards

The Luxury Guide Network
Marketing/Promoter of Project
skype: theluxuryguidenetwork

Monday, September 19, 2011

Marketing and Selling Rough Diamonds

Dear Miner or Seller/Owner of Rough Diamonds.

The Luxury Guide Network, having a great network of buyers of Rough Diamonds in Europe and USA, is capable of Market and Sell all your rough Diamond parcels, from 500 carats to 10,000 or 20,000 carats or more.
The TTM location would be; Geneva or Zurich (Free Trade Zone) and Antwerp in Diamond Centre, Brinks and Malca-Amit located a few meters away from office. 

Delivery Terms: All parcel should come with proper documentation, accord with international laws. 
Purchase price subject to manifest and final inspection by buyer gemologist and/or negotiation between buyer and seller.

Bank Capability Letter from Buyer can be shown or comfirmed to seller after showing KPC's and SKR on 
seller's/buyer's name. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more information. 

Kind regards

The Luxury Guide Network
Skype: theluxuryguidenetwork